Labor and Post Birth Tid-Bits

After running on average 6 days/week (accumulating close to 35 miles/week) and lifting 2-3 days/week throughout my pregnancy, what was the result?

My labor was text book.  My water broke at 5:30 PM on Oct 26, 2013 (37 weeks, 6 days). I started contracting 30 minutes later. When I got to the hospital I was 2-3 cm dilated (“take that!” to the nurse who told me I had probably just peed my pants because I was only 37 weeks) I had an epidural at 5 cm.  No pitocin.  Pushing was more painful than exhausting.  I pushed on pretty much every friggin contraction. And no, I was not one of the lucky ones who only pushed 3 times.  My son was born at 6:35 AM.  Thirty minutes later I walked from labor and delivery to our hospital room.  The nurse told my husband it was one of the smoothest labors she’s seen.  Whether or not she tells everyone that, we’ll never know but I like to believe my husband and I, as a team, did a damn good job (He was such an amazing support.)

My pre-pregnancy weight was 155. When I delivered I weighed 171. That’s a 16lb weight gain.

My baby boy weighed 7lbs, was 20 inches long and was/is as healthy as can be.

Thatcher Bishop
Thatcher Bishop
I chose to breastfeed and had very few issues.  The beginning WAS a learning experience for me and my baby boy.  Though I would say we crossed the beginner to intermediate to advanced thresholds quickly.  My supply was never an issue.  Some scrutinize that exercising decreases supply– they cray.  In my experience this is absolutely false. When I was pumping I get 5-6 oz…out of each boobie!

My pelvic floor is as strong as ever! I do not leak and do not have to sprint to the bathroom unexpectedly.  A lot of my friends told me my bathroom habits would never be the same after birth, especially SINCE I was running so much.  Not true.  I believe running (and especially lifting) helped STRENGTHEN my pelvic floor.  Lets be honest here, during runs in the later months you’re basically doing one long Kegel exercise the entire duration!

I went on my first post pregnancy run 7 days postpartum. Did it hurt?  No.  Feel a little funny?  Yes.

I ran 6.5 miles 2 weeks postpartum and also started developing iStroll workouts.

After my first long-ish run post partum
After my first long-ish run postpartum
I was down to my pre-pregnancy weight the same day I went on my first run,  7 days postpartum.  A week later I weighed 7 lbs less, which is pretty much where I have stayed- 143-148.

Throughout my pregnancy I never got “swollen”.  Water weight was never ever an issue. My wedding bands always fit and I never once got sausage toes or ankles! That idea is still so foreign to me.

My resting heart rate while I was pregnant was always around 58. My blood pressure was always in the 115-110 over 70 range.

8 months!
8 months!
I never purchased maternity pants. Most (some were too high waisted) of my jeans would button beneath my bump.

& Lastly, 5 months later I still feel great!

Update: 1.5 years later and with the development of iStroll I’m in the best shape ever and do not doubt that I could do it all again! 



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